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Language Arts Questions and Answers

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❶Synonyms are words that have similar meaning. So as we progress, we need to keep consistently checking to see if our skills our improving.

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There are some people who could learn a language doing virtually anything but most people need to be more careful if they are going to end up speaking a new language, not just being good at filling in gaps, memorizing words or answering set questions.

Instead, mostly, the homework asks learners to engage only a limited part of themselves, mainly their intellect or memory. Learning a language so you can use it takes a lot more than that. For some subjects this may work, but nor for language. You may believe that you can build your language skills by doing homework or study. However do consider, that most times the homework is determined by someone else teacher, book, etc , not the learner.

They are generic exercises designed to help you better understand XYZ. There are different reasons for the limited value of these kinds of exercises. Some students, the so called talented language learners or the ones who are driving their own learning, can transform this kind of exercise into something they can use to drive their language development forward. If you have been learning a language and believe that what I have been writing about fits you, namely, you have done a lot of exercises and work but your language does not seem to be improving, then the way to alter that dynamic is to put yourself back in charge of your learning.

That means a lot more than choosing the kind of books you use. It means doing the kind of learning which requires you to fully engage yourself, in the way you would need to, for example, to learn a computer game. Language is a skill, not just a subject defined by knowledge and memory. So as we progress, we need to keep consistently checking to see if our skills our improving.

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Apr 17,  · What Makes My Homework Help The Leading Provider of English Homework Help English is the official language of 88 countries across the world. It is thus of great importance to gain command of the English language/5().

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Language Arts Questions and Answers. > Homework Help. Filter Questions The language-learning theories of socioculturalism and context embedding, alongside the Mango Language Learning. 3 Homework That Helps to Improve Your Language Learning. Over the years I have seen so many students waste countless hours on language learning homework which really has little likelihood of helping them to produce the results they are looking for.