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The Trojan War and the Symbol of the Trojan Horse

❶Zeus and the other Olympians resurrected Pelops, but not before they cursed the many generations that would come after him and Tantalus.

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Troy had a huge wall—some say 20 feet high—surrounding the city as a matter of protection. People farmed outside the gates but when war threatened, they all moved into this protective environment. Rumors had it that there were other causes for the Trojan War besides the kidnapping of Helen; for example, bad harvests may have caused the Mycenaean kings to take up cause in the war in an attempt to feed their people upon victory.

It all began at a wedding. Two gods, Zeus and Poseidon both loved the goddess Thetis. A prophecy told the gods that Thetis would one day have a son named Achilles who would be greater than his father. Of course, a great hero was born from this marriage anyway. An annoying figure named Eris, the goddess of Discord, was left off the wedding list.

She crashed the wedding, threw out a golden apple and said it belonged to the fairest. Three vain goddesses at the party, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all wanted the apple. Zeus said that Paris of Troy would make the choice and Aphrodite told Paris that if she got the apple, she would make Helen of Sparta his wife.

Never mind that she was already married to Menelaus, the King of Sparta. Thus begins the Trojan War. All the kings of Greece rallied to get her back—not to mention, but on departure, she had taken great treasures with her!

Previous suitors for Helen were called upon to defend the claim of the one who was chosen her husband there is always some promise or honor in tales. Sailing to Troy, they besieged the city for nine years. Of course, gods and goddesses on the Greek side and gods and goddesses on the Trojan side give gifts, make sacrifices, control the weather, create a plague, manipulate the characters and smite their enemies. The war dragged on and there was some attempt at treaty but that never happened and Troy held firm.

There were many skirmishes. The Greeks raided the countryside around Troy, but it seemed the two sides would never come to "battle is finished. One day, the Greek king Odysseus of Ithaca had an idea. He commanded his men to build a huge hollow wooden horse on wheels. Soon, many more soldiers pretended to abandon the effort and set sail for home, acting as if they had given up, and they closed up camp.

In reality, they just packed themselves inside the horse. The next morning, the Trojans found the horse. In the late nineteenth century, however, Heinrich Schliemann uncovered the ruins of a Bronze Age Describe the events and outcomes of the Trojan War. This is a very broad question and there are many important factors that need to be considered.

In light of this, let me offer a number of important points worth considering. The Trojan war took How did Paris meet Helen in film Troy? This is a good question. This is where the book and movie differ greatly. In the movie, Troy, the Trojans are in Sparta to make a treaty of peace. The honorable Heracles mercifully spared Podarces and left the fallen city of Troy with his followers.

Podarces, along with the villagers of the town, rebuilt Troy far better than it ever was. Podarces had many children with his new wife Hecuba. The most renowned child of Podarces and Hecuba was Paris, the eventual assessor of the goddesses and captor of Helen. The initial fall of Troy and the curse on the House of Atreuis indirectly intertwine and together cause the Trojan War.

Tantalus was a mortal, and yet he was allowed to dine with the gods as they ate their sweet nectar and consumed ambrosia in copious amounts. Tantalus was devious and thought himself equal to the great Olympians. In order to ascertain his theory, he invited all the gods to a banquet on earth. The meal that Tantalus provided was very repulsive and inhumane.

The special appetizer that Tantalus served was of his own son Pelops. Nevertheless, the gods quickly understood what had occurred and became tremendously upset. As a punishment, the gods declared that Tantalus would forever be tormented in the under world. The gods almost instantaneously banished Tantalus to Tartarus and instilled in him an everlasting hunger and thirst.

Zeus and the other Olympians resurrected Pelops, but not before they cursed the many generations that would come after him and Tantalus. It followed Niobe and Atreus, Thyestes and Pittheus, and in due course it trickled down to Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon. Menelaus not only was a successor of his abhorrent forefather but he also was the husband of Helen.

Menelaus was forced to go to Troy along with is brother Agamemnon following the cruel kidnapping of Helen. Prior to marrying Helen, Menelaus, his brother, and the entire Grecian nation promised to protect Helen at all costs. Thus, this promise, enticed Menelaus, Agamemnon, and the people of Greece to rescue Helen from the powerful city of Troy at any expense.

The price they had to pay for the security of Helen was far greater than they had expected. After all, the fight of her resulted in the devastating Trojan War. When Eris, goddess of Discord, was not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and Thetis, much turmoil surfaced.

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The romantic images conjured up by legends sometimes obscure the real-life truths that inspired them. Because the Homeric epic The Iliad involved ancient Greek gods and goddesses in fantasies of heroism and revenge, the poem’s background—the end of the Trojan War after a year siege of Troy—seems to be part of the mythology.

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The legends about the war suggest a cause other than trade disputes. According to Homer’s Iliad, the war was fought during the rule of the wealthy and powerful King Priam of Troy. The conflict began when Priam’s son Paris fell in love with a woman named Helen.

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homework help trojan war The Trojan War — Odysseus Adventures Other Myths CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. Chat With Homework Experts, 24/7. . Trojan War Based on the myth "The Wrath of Achilles," what are four reasons why the Greeks won the war The student's question does not specify any particular text, although one could logically presume that Homer's The Iliad provides the basis of the inquiry.

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Academic Paper Homework Help Question. The Trojan War Original Post: We are going to encounter many myths in this course from different time periods and different cultures. We will need a way to classify these myths in order to learn what the myths tell us . By the way, who asked about Ajax?homework help trojan war View Homework Help - What_led_to_Trojan_War revised from NCVPS IDK at Southern Nash High School. Many of you have heard of the Trojan Trojan War was a legendary conflict between the early Greeks and the people of Troy in what is now Turkey.