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❶Hi, I cannot thank you enough. This memoir chronicles a decade of events beginning in as the author, a teacher of modern languages at a London comprehensive school, recounts her life with husband Vincent, a Jamaican carpenter who increasingly exhibits the signs of schizophrenia, becoming convinced that others are out to get him, especially his wife.

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Once the author entered school, his brilliant older brother became a role model. Challenged by his family, the author assumed responsibility for household duties and volunteered for additional tasks. From experience gained, he declares it our duty to find out what we are capable of.

What do the Celts have to do with the tax-exempt status of churches? Overall, the purpose of the book is to explore the hidden layers of Celtic history in Europe which can be found through archeological discoveries, analysis of Roman conquests, and a critique of the rise of Christianity.

She invites readers to reconsider history by looking more closely at the role of women and of the family in the Celtic tradition. Hal Schroeder is a long-time spy with CIA Counterintelligence that has worked with the group before it even became an officially sanctioned agency in the years following World War II.

Now in , he finds himself in the small town of Needles, CA, on assignment from his boss and the Chief of Counterintelligence, James Jesus Angleton. Angleton assigns Schroeder to Needles on a rare field assignment to investigate the disappearance of a local man named Jeremiah McLemore.

McLemore operates a for-hire trash disposal business and worked as the trash hauler for Camp X, a mysterious government outpost on the Arizona side of the border near Needles. When an intruder broke into her apartment in the middle of the night, the life of the author changed irrevocably. The methods she used were spontaneous. They included physical resistance and aggressive response on her part, but there were clever diversionary tactics as well.

She asked him his name, shook his hand, even offered to get up and cook him a meal—anything to distract him from his desire to rape her. In the time they were together, though she could barely see him, she determined that he had an acrid body odor and very rough hands.

As dawn broke, a neighbor began doing his morning ninja moves, causing a sudden clatter. Cindy convinced Bob that this was a sign that Katie would soon be up and would come to check on her. He was never found, though the author is convinced that he continued to stalk her. This collection of poetry examines love, as so much poetry tends to do, but the perspective here is unique.

That romantic euphoria and devastating heartbreak are seen as two sides of the same emotion. Split up into three sections, the first and third are polar in their approach, either bubbling with affection or profound in examining what was lost or what was never had to begin with. The middle section offers a little bit of both, tying in experiences that are related to being in love or emotions that come along with a relationship or marriage.

The poems themselves also cover a variety of forms, ranging from free verse to sonnets and concrete poetry to haiku. David is at a crossroads when he finds himself bobbing in the Pacific Ocean off a Malibu beach. There, with dolphins swimming just out of reach, possibilities loom. A peaceful drowning death lies temptingly beneath the surface, while back on shore, the potential for fulfilling life beckons.

David stays afloat, and this metaphor befits his journey of reinvention from divorce in Dallas to a new life in Los Angeles. David and a small circle of new friends ease their way through the dark margins of Hollywood. They heal wounds, bide time, stretch pennies, and seek the inner artist in each struggling soul. Every superhero has an origin story that tells the tale of how it all began. This is the story of Resilience and the devastating time of conflict she is born into which will forge her destiny as a hero and hope of her people.

Her father, the king, is desperate to send his wife and newborn daughter into hiding while the war rages. The basis of the story is a girl named Rachel Hollingsworth, or Raya, who discovers she is a witch.

The young protagonist is a wise-beyond-her-years, fourteen-year-old girl who favors the goth look of black spiky hair and body piercings. Underneath that tough exterior, hidden behind the self-confident attitude, exists a vulnerable girl. Still, Raya is determined to run away and live on her own with her new boyfriend, Tony.

But just when she finds Tony she witnesses his irrevocable decision that sends Raya reeling and running away solo to London. A physician specializing in urology recounts incidents in his year practice to illustrate some of the flaws in the current medical system. Young vividly describes the sleepless nights and weekends weighed against the constant requirement for total concentration and alertness, two factors affecting any hard-working medical practitioner.

Using a myriad of memories, he carefully paints a picture of the many ways that medical work has gradually changed, often for the worse. Another problem is the explosion of medical marketing; ads on TV and the Internet can give false hope for treatment. She admires his confidence, his Scandinavian features, and his work ethic.

When Todd begins to show interest in her, too, her work life and romantic life become entangled. Secrets have always played a major role in novels. From secret passageways in adventure tales to secret betrayals in spy yarns to secret familial revelations in Victorian comedies, tragedies, whodunits, and more. A secret is also at the center of this literate psychological drama that unspools in late s Los Angeles.

It is a secret that engulfs its keeper completely—a secret that results in unimaginable consequences when shared. Daniel and Shale were betrothed by Jesus Yeshua in Hebrew at the end of the previous book in the series.

When they return to the present dimension in Israel, they encounter bombings and danger as the Gog-Magog war begins. They run to a bomb shelter, where a rescue dog finds Shale who can speak to animals. Everyone has their unique gifts of service; Shale has the gift of hearing, and Daniel has the gift of reading minds. Dodging bombs to follow the dog, they discover a young child with her mother dead beside her.

The dog reveals her name is Shira, and she has no living relatives. The plot centers around an avant-garde theater troupe and its resident hypnotist, Dune Thornley. Thornley has made the troupe and its star performer—his wife, Susan—famous for their performances centered around British myths that incorporate the gem, moldavite.

With each passing day, the reader becomes aware that Dune has much more in store for Miriam than life as a replacement for his wife. Now, while children who grow up with such support are still successful in life, the patterns have changed.

Many children will have a mother who is young, unsupported by family or peers, and lacking in basic parenting skills. The author regards the relationship between mothers and their daughters as a key factor in determining future mothering skills. She illustrates this with a narrative composed of numerous sets of maternal characteristics, both positive and negative. She may be capable and caring, a counselor and educator, but also a sharp, sometimes demeaning critic.

The author combines a moving personal narrative with vital information about possible natural cancer interventions that could prolong lives. The papers supported his experimentation, suggesting that the use of two primary herbal compounds—Pao pereira, extracted from the bark of certain tropical trees, and Rauwolfia vomitoria, found in leaves of a shrub long used in Ayurvedic healing—can aid in the treatment of cancer.

These compounds, he stated, are non-toxic, capable of eradicating cancer cells, and work in synchronization with standard forms of chemotherapy.

Writing about writing is fraught with peril. Often the writer has two strikes against him before he even begins. Strike one—the reader is seldom as interested in the subject as the writer. This is not to say that waxing profound on the suffering of writers is doomed to failure. Certainly, Philip Roth, Michael Chabon, John Irving, and others have found ways to achieve success at this arduous task.

However, it is not a challenge to be taken lightly, but it is one author Obi takes a roundhouse swing at in this fevered tome. As the assistant pastor at Immaculate Conception, he feels weathered by all of his duties and yearns for some normal human interaction aside from the needs of his parishioners and the cantankerous accusations of his superior, Father McElroy.

Signing up on a website for Catholic pen pals, Bernard is shocked to learn that he is matched with a woman. Nervous and desperate to hide the truth from just about everyone, he begins to deteriorate in his appearance and actions, caught between a desire to simply just have a friend and stronger desires that threaten his priestly vow of celibacy.

Three years after the eruption at Yellowstone National Park, Ann Jacobs and her family continue to survive in the harsh state of the world. With the help of the Monitors, an alien race from outside the solar system that observe the progress of humanity, the ongoing concern of how to treat the lungs of all life on Earth and remove the obsidian dust from them remains the top priority.

The head of the Monitors on Earth, Marco Antonio, is now fully invested in his romantic relationship with Ann Jacobs, the matriarch of the Jacobs family.

Together, they go looking for supplies in abandoned shops, conduct research in their joined-basement laboratory, and enjoy intimate moments while also learning more about the social differences between their two races.

This novel is a fictionalized account inspired by a true story. It involves a private art collection illegally seized by the German Democratic Republic in the years during the Cold War. This page book of poetry celebrates children and cats, butterflies and mornings, tea and coffee. Deep in the canyons of California stands Tree, a live oak flourishing amidst the plants and animals of the complex ecosystem and deep history of Topanga.

To tell the story of Tree, Watts uses a third pronoun, "e," to stand for Tree and the other plants. This linguistic trick allows Watts to narrate the wild which she does with beautiful prose and startling imagery.

The land is alive with thinking, feeling, and the enduring dialogue of the trees and plants communicating through rains, winds, drought, storms, wildfires, and, eventually, even across carved up subdivisions. Nigerian banker and businessman Adeyeri uses the wisdom of his life as a template for others on the path to success.

During college a church leader mentored him, inspiring him to take further initiatives. Follow One Course Until Successful and stresses that success is about its second letter: Author Redfern has compiled lore from far-flung, long-ago cultures to help us examine our own societies and, perhaps, make changes. She takes the reader on a whirlwind global tour from the land of the Mayans, now in ruins, to the still vibrant Himalayan home of the Hunzas. By studying earliest cultures, we moderns may understand better how to live.

First, we must cease relying solely on science and accept that the knowledge of the ancients encompasses hidden, mystical aspects. The author suggests connections among ancient peoples who might never have met, such as the tau, or T, represented as a tree or a cross common to ancient Mayans, Egyptians, Mexicans, and Greeks.

This memoir chronicles a decade of events beginning in as the author, a teacher of modern languages at a London comprehensive school, recounts her life with husband Vincent, a Jamaican carpenter who increasingly exhibits the signs of schizophrenia, becoming convinced that others are out to get him, especially his wife. Eventually, he begins hearing voices and becomes mentally and physically abusive to both his wife and children. He wavers over believing that he has serious behavioral issues that require professional help, as he voluntarily checks himself into the hospital for observation but leaves after only two days.

Over time, he receives a modicum of help by attending counseling appointments, but his illness goes largely untreated. This novel tells the story of Sean Foster, an adopted son living with cystic fibrosis. A former high school gymnastics star who dreams of competing in the Paralympics, he and his girlfriend Jen are survivors of sexual assault. Their similar backgrounds and individual tragedies bond them; they fall in love and eventually marry. While living in California, Sean eventually meets the reality star and supermodel London Sharp, under whom his agent obtains work for him as a model.

Sean achieves a level of fame, but then news about Diego suddenly reaches him—the war veteran is being physically abused by his wife, who is slowly trying to murder him because she blames him for the death of Cam, their young son. Ovec propounds a view of Christian faith based on his diligent religious study. For example, the further the deadline, the cheaper the paper is going to cost you.

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