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It takes me a very long time to do my homework, any tips to help me complete it faster?

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It takes way too long to Finish! Member 8 years on site 30 posts. Perhaps I am not very good at navigating this site yet. Anyway, I have always had a problem with doing my homework. Sign Up or Login to comment.

Member 8 years on site posts. I am just starting to get set up with another pdoc after I got dropped from last one. I have a very difficult time getting the courage to even see my professors! At first I am very friendly and like to chat with my professors about anything, but when I start having trouble when I even think about going to seek help from them I panic. Last month I sought help from one of my professors and I had a hard time listening because I was too focused on trying not to cry!

I got very sweaty and nervous! I am currently not on medication for anything. I have not been medicated in a very long time. Thank you very much! I have considered paying for tutors because I feel they are less likely to judge, but I do not know where I can find one!

LOl and my schedule is pretty bad. But I will ask and see if there any tutors. A lot of time I do not need help, I do understand what we are doing, but for some reason I just get very nervous and I feel confused even when I am not confused.

Member 8 years on site 15 posts. Mine often led to suicidal thoughts as the last stage of a process of anxious withdrawal from work. The larger the assignment, the worse it would be Depending on your circumstance, this could lead to additional test time, easier dialogues with your professors, financial assistance for meds, or even free counseling all of these at your discretion, of course.

You have a real issue, not another case of unmotivated party disease. Besides all of the above: The courage is hard to muster, but every time I have done so I have been pleasantly and gratefully surprised by the understanding responses my professors gave me.

For us, that is a very bad thing. If you drop or audit! Thank you so much for taking the time to type all this! I usually pland and think Everything through. But by the time im about to take a decision. Im already so bored and out of tune that I just end up forgetting it. Even important decisions sadly So sometimes my plans just end up as a tangential mess and i just scrap them altogether. This leads me to over-think and over-conceptualize my project until my brain hurts.

Never did my homework in high school. Math was excruciatingly painful, and I tried really hard to force myself to learn. Skip ahead a year and was learning programming at university, which I fell in love with immediately. I now work full time and, I kid you not, have spent the last six months programming a university-level geometry algorithm that most people glaze over when I try explaining it. I kinda have the reverse on your take. I used to sit all day loving maths. In elementary school I was so into maths I ended up doing maths 2 years ahead of my lvl.

Just because I loved solving things. Now I am so scatter brained anything and everything interests me Now I really cant stand maths. And I have a really hard time focusing on just solving a simple equation. I think, for me at least, it has something to do with math being a means to an end.

I usually put it off a lot and then just do things in a super short amount of time and do really well on it. I usually procrastinate like crazy and then go into hyper mode to finish on time. I just "get" it, and then I mull it over for a while and then just blast it all out when I need it. Also have a writing disability so that makes written assignments hell for me. Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents. They just thought I was lazy. This has left me with a lot anxiety over the idea of homework.

Ah damn, I also had the same problem when I was young. Was like that up to middle school. Kinda screwed me over in college when I still had a lot of anxiety associated with doing work outside of class, and was had comfort issue with getting help. This keeps your brain fresh and helps beat procrastination.

Perhaps you could spend more time planning or drawing a mind map. Maybe you can talk into a recorder or use speech recognition software like Dragon. The best thing to do would be to email your friend and give them this link to the article: Alternately, if you receive our Working with ADHD newsletter where our articles also run, you can forward your favorite articles to your friends just by forwarding through your email program.

Thank you EEdee, for the great suggestion. We will be sure to bring it up to our web support guy. What do you think, Mark? Oh, yes, I almost forgot — you can also share via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin by clicking on the icons at the top of each article. Months 1 — 9 — just a regular photographer Months 9 — 12 — began managing equipment for our territory under the direction on my photo manager Months 13 — 22 — continued with equip.

By this time I was a very close right hand to my photo manager. I did hiring paperwork, helped with background checks, he consulted with me on certain decisions he was making about scheduling and staff, he delegated a lot more to me. In this time, that photo manager was a one directive delegate with me. I was always successful because every task I was given was broken down. Then the unthinkable happened.

His position was eliminated. Our territory manager would become our direct supervisor, mind you, he was NEVER hands on with anything we did. He was more hands on with the accounts, sales and internal operations than anything else.

The list goes on with other tasks I had to take on. So I was given the goal required and had to figure out the tasks to accomplish said goal. Needless to say, from months 31 — 38 my performance began to slip. My love for my job grew in one way, but declined in another. I was failing, and I was more than feeling it.

The short story long is this: I sabotaged my position, my relationships, my reputation…. I made it irreparable so that I had no choice but to quit because there was no making it good again.. Thanks for your comment. I noticed a few things in your story that is very typical when you have ADHD. However the promotion usually includes less of what you are at, and more thing that people with ADHD struggle with.

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I am in School for the first time in 13 years and I have trouble with Math too. I have a great teacher that will work through problems you encountered on the assignments at the begining of class. If I get stuck I will just skip over it and either ask a classmate or my professor how to .

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Jan 28,  · Most of the time I try not to take a break for atleast an hour or 2 after starting my homework but for the whole hour or 2 that I do homework I can't concentrate at all and it takes me soooo long to read and answer Resolved.

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Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents. My parents didn't have the patients for the time it took for me to finnish and assignment, or with how much I struggled with writing. When I was at school, it would take me much longer to do my homework than my siblings or friends. They would be outside playing and I would still be in my bedroom doing the homework. My dyslexia means reading and writing take me much longer than other people. However, I am speedy in other activities.

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Replies to: How long does it take for you to finish your homework? #1. It typically doesn't take me that long maybe an hour on a bad night. OK, back to the topic: the time takes to do my hw depends. I always wait until the last minute, and end up spending 4 or so hours on one assignment. 0. no me and strawb3rry go to the same school and we have LOOOTTT of homework!!! on time we had to do a whole rough draft for homework!!! even when I do how for like 2 hours and donmt take a break, im STILL not done!!! its just our teachers, trust me.