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Simplifying Radicals, math homework help

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How to Simplify Radicals
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How to Simplify Radicals. A radical is the root (such as square root or cube root) of a number. The radicand is the number under the radical sign. Some radicals are perfect squares because they can be written as integers. For instance, radical nine is equal to three, since 3 x 3 = 9. Other perfect squares include radical 16, radical 25 and radical .

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Multimedia explanation for Algebra 1: Simplifying Radicals. Connection Speed.

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Question description. In this discussion, you will simplify and compare equivalent expressions written both in radical form and with rational (fractional) exponents. Simplifying Perfect Help If a radical is a perfect radicals, all you need to do to simplify it is to help it radicals the corresponding integer. Simplifying Imperfect Squares Radicals have factors just like integers do.

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Radical expressions are simplified when any square roots are solved, so the expression is in its simplest form. For example, √(a 18) can be simplified as 10a 9 because both factors are perfect squares. Before operations can be performed with expressions involving radicals, the radicals must be simplified. No perfect square factors are under the radical sign.