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Homework Help Estimating Numbers

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❶Black comes close with 39 students, but Mr. Great deals are waiting for you!

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What is Estimation?

View Wish List View Cart. Math , Word Problems , Place Value. Examinations - Quizzes , Worksheets , Homework. This lesson requires students to round 2 - 5 digit numbers to the nearest Tens, Hundreds and Thousands Place. Students are also asked to estimate the sum or 3 - 4 digit numbers. The lesson also includes the following word problems which ask students to round their answers to the nearest Tens Place: The students in Mr.

Ahmad has 12, Jackie has 7, Michael has 5, Kendra has 11 and Patricia has 6. Estimate the number of books they have in total. She counted 5, movies. About how many movies would you say her father has if you round to the nearest tens place?

King has 44 students in her class. She has more than any other teacher in the school. In fact, because prices tend to end in. First estimate the sum of these numbers, then add them up to find the actual result: We can use a similar trick to quickly multiply numbers. This works for small numbers as well; if we have to multiply 1. Ready for some big numbers? See if you can estimate the product of 9, and 23! The answer is at the end of this article.

When we need to divide numbers, we can use the same tricks that we used for multiplication. For example, suppose we need to divide by We can notice that is close to and 47 is close to 50; then we have divided by 50, a much easier problem! We can even do a similar trick with the zeros: In this case, that makes our problem 60 divided by 5, or 12! The actual answer was Ready for a challenge? See if you can estimate the quotient that is, what you get when you divide of 9, and 1,, then use a calculator to find the answer!

How to Estimate

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To round off whole numbers: Find the place value you want (the "rounding digit") and look to the digit just to the right of it. If that digit is less than 5, do not change the "rounding digit" but change all digits to the right of the "rounding digit" to zero.

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Actually, that's a nice trick for multiplying numbers in general: cross off all the zeros at the ends of the numbers, do your multiplication, and then put them back on. It's particularly useful when estimating because we're generally going to round off the numbers, which gives us more zeros to ignore!

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Or. Homework help estimating numbers Solutions in Saxon Math Course 3 () In math homework sheets you will get all the grades worksheets starting from kindergarten; where you can practice questions on the particular topic. Use the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems. · Pop quiz. Estimate like a champ!homework help estimating numbers Homework Help Estimating Numbers homework help estimating numbers people who write thesis for cheap Homework Help Estimating .

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