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Help On Dissertation Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Introduction

❶The selection of the post positivism philosophy , deductive approach and descriptive research design will help the researcher to complete the project effectively. This chapter is concluded giving ground to the research.


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help on dissertation corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is as old as the evolution of business itself even though the concept was not formulated formally until presently. Corporate social responsibility practices make employees stay for a longer period of time by lowering down the costs and disruption of retraining and recruitment Haynes and Nunnington, , p Go ahead and grab your distinction mark by placing your dissertation order on Corporate Social Responsibility with us.

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There are companies that act in line with the common concerns of the public, say for instance the concerns or issues with the product safety or the environment. Impact of corporate responsibility in marketing. The impact of corporate responsibility in marketing is an interesting topic for dissertation on corporate social responsibility. In countries like US, people look at the company profile before buying products from them. Out of a people interviewed, about 80 percent of them said that they looked at the company profile, in particular the corporate social responsibility of the company, before buying products from them.

This is an interesting aspect that gives enough fuel for your dissertation on corporate social responsibility. In fact, you can have a large number of independent topics to write your dissertation on corporate social responsibility. Pick a topic that makes some sense to you or that thrills you and get started with your dissertation. According to Mertens , the post positivism approach shows that the researcher of a project should include both scientific analysis as well a common sense analysis in order to arrive at a fruitful conclusion.

Hence the use of the post positivism philosophy will enable the researcher to collect the data from the respondents in a scientific manner and then analyse them using common logical sense. The two major approaches used for research projects are namely deductive and inductive. The researcher here will use the deductive approach so that the researcher is able to derive conclusions based on the proposed theories and observations. Greene and Hall opined that the inductive approach is used when a researcher aims to generate a new idea in the context of the research topic.

In this research the researcher is focused on analysing the effectiveness of the present CSR activities hence the use of the deductive approach is suitable for deriving at the conclusions rather than establishing a new concept with the use of the inductive approach Lo, Generally three types of research designs are used for framing of the research project namely the explanatory design, exploratory design and the descriptive design.

Both explanatory and exploratory designs are used in situations where the researcher is not able to ascertain the particular objectives of the research.

Lo opined that use of the descriptive design is generally seen in cases where the researcher has certain pre determined objectives and are willing to conduct the research project using the predetermined objectives. Hence in this case the researcher will use the descriptive research design so that the researcher is able to conduct an in depth analysis of the CSR activities of British Gas and arrive at the conclusions with the help of statistical as well as scientific tools.

Moreover Teddlie and Tashakkori opined that use of descriptive data helps the researcher to collect primary data from a huge range of respondents thereby improving the quality of the research.

Two types of data are majorly collected in a research process namely Primary data and secondary data. McLeod and Thomson opined that primary data is collected by the questionnaire survey of the respondents and the secondary data is collected from the information published in the company websites, academic journals and other social blogs and news releases.

In this research the researcher will focus on both primary as well as secondary data collection methods for the purpose of collection of data to analyse the effectiveness of the CSR activities on the corporate position of British Gas. The researcher will collect the primary data by conducting interviews of the customers and the managers of British Gas Bledsoe and Hopson, The secondary data will be collected by the researcher form the various published academic journals on the CSR activities of British Gas and also from the official website of the company.

The researcher will use both qualitative as well as the quantitative research techniques to collect and analyse the primary as well as the secondary data collected Mertens and Wilson, For the purpose of good quality of the research project the researcher will use the quantitative technique for analysing the responses of the customers.

The researcher will take the interview of 20 customers and the interview of 3 managers. For the purpose of analysing the recorded response of the managers the researcher will use the qualitative technique and for the purpose of analysing the responses of the customers the researcher will use the statistical tools under the quantitative techniques Teddlie and Tashakkori, The researcher generally uses two types of sampling methods namely Probability sampling and non probability sampling.

According to Hollway , in probability sampling the researchers elects the respondents randomly without following any certain type of selection pattern however in non probability sampling the respondents are selected on a purposive basis. The researcher here has adopted the random probability method in order to select an customer or manger from the entire target population.

This gives the respondents in the target population an equal opportunity of getting selected Mertens and Hesse Biber, The researcher here notifies that during the process of data collection and completion of the research project the researcher has abided by the ethical norms pertaining to the research project.

Moreover the researcher also confirms that the interviews were not collected against the will of the interviewers. The researcher further confirms that the analysis made was according to the guidelines of the university Teddlie and Tashakkori, Moreover the researcher also ensures that the responses collected from the respondents are unambiguous and no kind of mental or physical harassments are done to influence the response of the respondents.

The researcher focused on this question to analyse the number of times the customers avail the services of British Gas. The researcher used the above question in order to understand the satisfaction level of the customers ion respect to the CSR activities implemented by British Gas.

The researcher posed this question in front of the customers to judge the satisfaction level of the customers with respect to the standard of quality of the CSR activities implemented by British Gas. They are of the opinion that the present CSR activities are not suitable enough to enhance the goodwill of the company. On being asked about the rating of the CSR activities implemented by British Gas the above responses were recorded by the respondents.

The researcher used the 5 Point rating scale to record the responses of the customers. Communicate company performance and CSR activities to all stakeholders. Improve environmental impact of product and services. Develop new products to reduce to reduce environmental problems.

Apply control over the suppliers to maintain product quality. The researcher used this question to analyse the opinions if the customers in relation to the future growth of British Gas.

The researcher in this question asked the customers to give their opinions about the types of CSR activities they think should the company adopt in future so that they can enhance the corporate goodwill. The researcher for the ease of the responses provided the customers with some of the general activities that are undertaken by other competitor companies. That is the company should notify the stakeholders like the customers, employees, shareholders and the suppliers about the individual CSR activities adopted for the respective groups.

The three managers on being asked about the advantages that British Gas incurs by implementing the CSR strategies gave the following responses.

They were of the opinion that the use of the strategies helps to win the trust of the customers and hence increase the number of customers for availing services of British Gas. One of the mangers was of the opinion that the CSR activities help the company to enhance the relationship with the suppliers, employees and customers as well.

Further the manager added that British Gas by implementing the different policies like the Energy approach are able to produce energy products from the plant energy which is giving the company a competitive advantage over its competitors.

The third manager opined that the use of the sustainability within the products has helped British Gas to generate innovation and also save money on the energy producing goods and help to mitigate risks for the production of the energy products.

The third manager also opined that with the introduction of the CSR activities British Gas has recently been able to generate a positive publicity within the community and this has increased the revenue of the company. Moreover the mangers are also of the opinion that the use of the CSR activities has helped British Gas to get easy access to the capital and the credit requirement for financing of the long term projects.

On being asked about of the challenges faced by British Gas for implementing the CSR activities the manger focused on the following problems. The first manger is of the opinion that the company generally has to suffer from financial problems in case of implementation of the CSR activities.

The use of the plant resources to produce the electric products has made the company incur high cost of production for these products. Hence the manger is of the opinion that the budget incurred for the CSR activities are excluded from the direct operating expenses of the company and are regarded as an extra expense for the company. The second manger added that another disadvantage faced by British Gas is that the focus of the company shifts from the main concerns of the business.

The higher authorities and the employees become more focused on making CSR strategies for the sustainability creation of the company.

This makes the long term and the short term goals of the company unachievable.

1.1 Background of the company

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Although a voluminous work has been carried out over the past some decades on corporate social responsibility i.e. CSR, yet the focal point has been commonly on CSR in the developed countries (de Bakker, Groenewegen, and den Hond, ).

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The corporate social responsibility is an important way for organizations to increase their contribution to society and to sustainable development. The strategy covers the things and organizations have an impact beyond its immediate operations and legal obligations.

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The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on development can best be appreciated by taking a brief examination of what is referred to as the three generations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).5/5(2). Our "Corporate Social Responsibility" experts can research and write a NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND, ORIGINAL dissertation, thesis, or research proposal—JUST FOR YOU—on the precise "Corporate Social Responsibility" topic of your choice.

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Mar 03,  · The best research topic on corporate social responsibility will be found in the literature. Researchers add value to the field, thus, a person would conduct a literature review about a problems concerning corporate social responsibility in hopes to identify what is known, not known, and recommended for future study. Dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. The subject Corporate Social Responsibility is evolving everyday. As the laws are changing and the environment is deteriorating data tends to become outdated every day. In such a situation companies are struggling to meet their responsibilities with shrinking pockets.